In Session - I'm Gonna Murder My Baby CD

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Pat Hare
In Session - I'm Gonna Murder My Baby CD

In a brief career which was terminated by his imprisonment in 1963 for double-murder, Auburn “Pat” Hare was influential almost beyond measure.
An incendiary guitarist, he had an instantly recognisable style, alternating heavy power chords with single-string, Bluesy runs.
His playing on James Cotton’s memorable ‘Cotton Crop Blues’ famously featured one of the first-ever recorded solos which demonstrated the potential of an over-amplified electric guitar.
Built around Hare’s infamous ‘I’m Gonna Murder My Baby’ (which, he eventually did), this compilation features him playing on sessions for Walter Bradford, Rosco Gordon, Little Junior Parker, James Cotton, Billy “Red” Love, Bobby Bland, Muddy Waters and others.
After murdering “his baby”, and the cop who came to arrest him, Hare spent the last sixteen years of his life in jail, dying just before he was due to be paroled.

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Disc 1
  1. Reward For My Baby
  2. Love For Me Baby
  3. Lucy Done Moved
  4. Ain't No Use
  5. We're All Loaded
  6. Baby No No!
  7. Blue and Lonesome
  8. Can't Understand
  9. My Baby
  10. Harmonica Jam
  11. Wolf Call Boogie
  12. High
  13. Hart's Bread Boogie
  14. Cotton Crop Blues
  15. Hold Me In Your Arms
  16. I'm Gonna Murder My Baby
  17. Bonus Pay
  18. I Wanna Ramble
  19. Forty Days and Forty Nights
  20. Don't Go No Further
  21. Pretty Baby
  22. Got My Mojo Working
  23. Further Up The Road
  24. Evil
  25. I Won't Go On
  26. Close To You
  27. Hey Hey
  28. I Got My Brand On You