In Session 1951-1962 CD

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Huey Piano Smith
In Session 1951-1962 CD

Part of popular In Session series, this new release can also be seen as the companion to an earlier Don’t You Just Know It - The Very Best Of Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns.
This 30 track collection concentrates on Huey’s work as a session player.
Long before recording under his own name, he backed artists like Eddie Guitar Slim Jones, Little Richard, Earl King and Smiley Lewis.
After forming The Clowns and commencing his own recording career in 1956, he also continued working as a session musician, notably backing Junior Gordon, Roland Cook, Jesse Allen, Benny Spellman, Bobby Marchan, Charles Brown, Amos Milburn, Jesse Thomas, Peg Leg Martin and Curley Moore, all featured here.
Also included is Huey & Gerri Hall’s original recording of Sea Cruise, before the record company famously wiped their vocal and overdubbed Frankie Ford.

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Disc 1
  1. Bad Luck Is On Me – Guitar Slim
  2. Standin’ At The Station - Guitar Slim
  3. Cryin’ In The Morning - Guitar Slim
  4. Tutti Frutti – Little Richard
  5. Those Lonely Lonely Nights – Earl King
  6. Is Everything Alright – Earl King
  7. I Hear You Knocking – Smiley Lewis
  8. Down Yonder We Go Ballin’ – Smiley Lewis
  9. Blow Wind Blow – Junior Gordon
  10. I’ve Got A Girl – Roland Cook
  11. I Wanna Know Why – Roland Cook
  12. Baby Say You Will – Jesse Allen
  13. I Tried – Curly Moore
  14. Somewhere – Benny Spellman
  15. Sea Cruise – Huey Smith & Gerri Hall
  16. Rockin Behind The Iron Curtain - Bobby Marchan
  17. Loberta – Bobby Marchan & Frankie Ford
  18. Educated Fool – Charles Brown & Amos Milburn
  19. I Want To Go Home – Charles Brown & Amos Milburn
  20. The Little Moron - Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns
  21. Snag-a-Tooth Jeannie - Huey Piano Smith
  22. Behind The Wheel part 1 - Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns
  23. Behind The Wheel part 2 - Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns
  24. Can It Be Love – Jesse Thomas
  25. Alimony – Peg Leg Martin
  26. They Gonna Do What They Wanna To Do – Curley Moore
  27. Sassy Sara – Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns
  28. More Girls – Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns
  29. Second Line – Huey & Curley
  30. At The Mardi Gras – Huey & Curley