In Session – A Pretty Wild Guy CD

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Eddie Ware
In Session – A Pretty Wild Guy CD

This edition in the In Session series features a lesser known but nevertheless talented pianist Eddie Ware.
He appeared briefly in the early 1950s either recording on his own or backing up a other Chicago artists.
He was mainstay in the piano seat for the early Jimmy Rogers Chess recordings until Uncle Sam required his services.
After one Jimmy Rogers’ session Chess allowed him one of his own from which the minor hit Lima Beans emerged.
All the Jimmy Rogers tracks featuring him are here including one under his own name with the Rogers band.
He moved to Mercury Records where he backed up two sessions with vocalist Ray Snead, all these releases are featured together for the first time on CD including I’m a Good Rocking Baby which is still popular today.
He had another Chess session, this time backing Arbee Stidham with just two titles being issued.
His last outing was for States records again with only two titles appearing.
He then just disappeared from the recording scene but was rumoured to still be in Chicago until he died in 1978.
This CD features almost all, if not all of his appearances on record.

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Disc 1
  1. I Used To Have A Woman • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  2. The World Is In A Tangle • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  3. She Loves Another Man • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  4. Jealous Women • Eddie Ware & His Band
  5. Wandering Lover • Eddie Ware & His Band
  6. I Found Out • Eddie Ware & His Band
  7. Lima Beans • Eddie Ware & His Band
  8. Rumba Dust • Eddie Ware & His Band
  9. Fade Away Baby • Ray Snead
  10. Let’s Ball • Ray Snead
  11. I’m In Love With A Married Woman • Ray Snead
  12. Will You Miss Me Baby • Ray Snead
  13. Money Marbles and Chalk • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  14. Hard Working Man • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  15. Chance To Love • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  16. My Little Machine • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  17. Don't Play Me For No Clown • Ray Snead
  18. I'm A Good Rockin' Baby • Ray Snead
  19. Back Door Friend • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  20. Crying Shame • Jimmy Rogers & His Rocking Four
  21. Give Love Another Chance • Eddie Ware & His Band
  22. Someone To Tell My Troubles To • Arbee Stidham
  23. Mr. Commissioner • Arbee Stidham
  24. The Stuff I Like • Eddie Ware
  25. Lonely Broken Heart • Eddie Ware