I, Monster CD

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P Paul Fenech
I, Monster CD

P Paul Fenech is back on track... I, Monster is a must have for everybody who has even the slightest drop of Rock’n’Roll in his blood!
The Meteors‘ dark lord, frontman, Fendermaster and Psychobilly originator returns with his usual fire and venom.
No-one can stop this Rock 'n' Roll demon or his work as a musician where he is rightly known as “Guitarslinger for the Lord”... and it seems that he gets the necessary power and inspiration directly from the depths of hell!
Alongside the group activities of The Meteors, Fenech unleashes another red-hot bastard of a solo album - it‘s already his ninth!
As usual there are also fine instrumentals featuring his patented mix of Twang and Grit which has also a massive place in the Fenech Universe.
I, Monster truly is a monster, like Psychobilly itself, and shows Fenech‘s amazing ability for songwriting and insane guitar playing.

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Disc 1
  1. Liars In Wait
  2. Am I A Monster
  3. She's My Monster
  4. Get Away From Me
  5. Monster Walking
  6. Werewolf
  7. You Ain't Stopping Me
  8. The 4th Monkey
  9. Badlands Mud
  10. L'odio Cavalca De Solo
  11. The Black Moon Dance
  12. Wampus Cat
  13. I Got Fire
  14. The Rocking Dead (The Return)
  15. I Am The Night Rider
  16. Mule Boy and His Unformed Face