Subtle As A Flying Mallet CD

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Dave Edmunds
Subtle As A Flying Mallet CD

CD re-issue of Dave Edmunds' original 1975 album Subtle As A Flying Mallet - featuring his top 10 hit singles Baby I Love You and Born To Be With You.
Included 8 bonus tracks which were not on the original release.

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Disc 1
  1. Baby I Love You
  2. Leave My Woman Alone
  3. Maybe
  4. Da Doo Ron Ron
  5. Let It Be Me
  6. No Money Down
  7. Need A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues
  8. Billy The Kid
  9. Born To Be With You
  10. She's My Baby
  11. I Ain't Never
  12. Let It Rock
  13. Some Other Guy
  14. When Will I Be Loved
  15. Make Me Good
  16. You Kept Me Waiting
  17. C'Mon Little Dixie
  18. Need a Shot Of Rhythm
  19. Pick Axe Rag