Five Originals 3CD

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Dave Edmunds
Five Originals 3CD

Dave Edmunds officially retired from a career in music in July 2017 after 50 years in the business.
He began his trail-blazing days in the 1960s with Love Sculpture, soon making a one man effort to drag rock music back to its primal roots with his Christmas 1970 number one single chart smash cover of Smiley Lewis' I Hear You Knocking.
He then became a new Phil Spector ‘wall of sound’ via mid-1970s hits such as Baby I Love You and Born To Be With You, moving on to his supergroup Rockpile which he co-fronted with Nick Lowe.
After that came is solo career, which included the five albums gathered on this three disc set - Subtle As A Flying Mallet, DE 7th, Information, Riff Raff and I Hear You Rockin'

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Disc 1
  1. Baby I Love You
  2. Leave My Woman Alone
  3. Maybe
  4. Da Doo Ron Ron
  5. Let It Be Me
  6. No Money Down
  7. A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
  8. Billy the Kid
  9. Born To Be With You
  10. She's My Baby
  11. I Ain't Never
  12. Let It Rock
  13. Pick Axe Rag
  14. Some Other Guy
  15. From Small Things Big Things Come
  16. Me and the Boys
  17. Bail You Out
  18. Generation Rumble
Disc 2
  1. Slipping Away
  2. Don't You Double
  3. I Want You Bad
  4. Wait
  5. The Watch On My Wrist
  6. The Shape I'm In
  7. Information
  8. Feel So Right
  9. What Have I Got To Do To Win
  10. Don't Call Me Tonight
  11. Have a Heart
  12. Something About You
  13. Breaking Out
  14. Busted Loose
  15. Far Away
  16. Rules of the Game
  17. Steel Claw
  18. S.O.S.
Disc 3
  1. Girls Talk
  2. Here Comes the Weekend
  3. Queen of Hearts
  4. Paralysed
  5. The Wanderer
  6. Crawling From the Wreckage
  7. Slipping Away
  8. Information
  9. I Hear You Knocking