Monochrome Dream CD

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Darrel Higham and The Enforcers
A Monochrome Dream CD

Continuing to bring you Rockabilly music of the highest standard, Darrel Higham and his Enforcers serve up their seventh studio album, A Monochrome Dream, with a well chosen mix of cover songs from a wide variety of sources, plus some Higham originals too.
They remain one of the scene's most popular names and this release shows just why.

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Disc 1
  1. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
  2. This Is The Night
  3. I'm On Fire
  4. Patch It Up
  5. Red and White Army
  6. Wastin' My Time
  7. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
  8. E.P. Express
  9. No Teenagers Allowed
  10. Baby Take Me Back
  11. One Way Track
  12. But She's Not You