Midnight Commotion CD

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Darrel Higham
Midnight Commotion CD

This Darrel Higham album has a vintage Rockabilly feel throughout.
Most tracks on Midnight Commotion are lively and uptempo, but he also performs a couple of ballads very well, for example It's All In The Game.
Though most of the songs here are 1950s Rockabilly numbers, there are a couple of surprises such as Nancy Sinatra's Sugar Town.
Midnight Commotion will please Darrel Higham's many fans, and is one for lovers of the 1950s sound.

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Disc 1
  1. Give Me Some Love
  2. Salty Boogie
  3. Nobody's Woman
  4. 13 Bar Boogie
  5. I Can't Stand Up Alone
  6. It's All In The Game
  7. Bird Doggin'
  8. Pistol Boogie
  9. Sugar Town
  10. I Ain't Studyin' You Baby
  11. Can't Find The Doorknob
  12. Stay Beside Me
  13. Dear John
  14. Hard Knocks
  15. Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie