Satana Tarantula CD

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The Brains
Satana Tarantula CD

Satana Tarantula is the brand new album from psychobilly band The Brains formed by current Nekromantik skinman and guitarist/singer Rene D La Muerte!
The Brains continue their theme of combining retro horror-inspired lyrics with high energy, punk-infused rockabilly on this album of all new songs, plus a superb cover of the '80s classic Electric Avenue.
Includes guest appearances from psychobilly goddess Patricia Day (Horrorpops) and rockabilly guitar slinger Danny B. Harvey.

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Disc 1
  1. Vindicta
  2. Satana Tarantula
  3. Fire
  4. Hell
  5. Hellhounds
  6. El Mariachi D La Muerte
  7. Come By My Side
  8. Fight Or Die
  9. C’mon Let’s Do It All Night
  10. Swing It
  11. Lonely Wednesday
  12. Electric Avenue