No Brain No Pain CD

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The Brains
No Brain No Pain CD

Psychobilly from Montreal, Canada.
The Brains spew forth their Fast and Heavy Punk-Rockabilly with catchy choruses. 
Dressed up as freaky greased up Zombies who are ready to eat your brains, The Brains sing about lust, death and brains.  Beware!

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Disc 1
  1. No Brain No Pain
  2. Full Moon Overseas
  3. Black Jacket Death Bet
  4. Taste Your Blood
  5. One Step Forward
  6. 20 Beers
  7. Train Keeps Rollin' On
  8. Little Drinks
  9. Dead Corpses
  10. Don't Wanna
  11. So Glad That It's Over
  12. Crazy Paradise