Snake Oil 2xLP (coloured vinyl)

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The Fuzztones
Snake Oil 2-LP (colour vinyl double LP)

Double LP of rare and unreleased recordings from Garage Punk legends The Fuzztones.
Combining 1960s fuzzbox sounds with '70s punk aggression, The Fuzztones became genre heroes.
Snake Oil is a double vinyl LP collection of rarities, alternate tracks and unreleased tracks that spans The Fuzztones' career.

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Disc 1
  1. You Must Be A Witch
  2. 53rd & 3rd
  3. Hey Joe
  4. Lord Have Mercy On My Soul
  5. Kick Out The Jams
  6. Blood From A Stone
  7. Salem Witch Trial
  8. Out Of Our Tree
  9. Help Murder Police
  10. It Ain't Necessarily So
  11. 96 Tears
  12. Gloria
  13. Bad Part Of Town
  14. Can't Stand This Love Goodbye
  15. Writing On The Wall
  16. The People In Me
  17. Beg Borrow and Steal
  18. Hallucination Generation
  19. Romilar D
  20. I've Got A Way With Girls
  21. Leave Your Mind Behind
  22. Pipe Dream
  23. Talk Talk
  24. Oh Those Eyes