Slim's Shout + Chicago Blues Session CD

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Sunnyland Slim
Slim's Shout + Chicago Blues Session CD

The Chicago Blues of Sunnyland Slim.
This CD release couples together the legendary bluesman's original albums Chicago Blues Session and Slim's Shout.

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Disc 1
  1. Prison Bound
  2. Slim's Shout
  3. The Devil Is A Busy Man
  4. Brownskin Woman
  5. Shake It
  6. Decoration Day
  7. Baby How Long
  8. Sunnyland Special
  9. Harlem Can't Be Heaven
  10. It's You Baby
  11. One Room Country Shack
  12. Trembling Blues
  13. Prison Bound
  14. My Electrical Invention Blues
  15. Brownskin Woman
  16. La Salle St. Boogie
  17. That's Why I Keep Drinking
  18. I Got The Blues About My Baby
  19. Bob Martin Blues
  20. Devil Is A Busy Man
  21. No Special Rider
  22. Everytime I Get To Drinkin'