Hasta Luego Mi Amor LP (vinyl)

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Screaming Kids
Hasta Luego Mi Amor LP (vinyl)

French Psychobilly band from Strasbourg, Screaming Kids released their first album Don't Get Down in 1990 on the Nervous Records label.
With their name firmly secured in French psychobilly history, 27 years later they are back with solid rockin' album Hasta Luego Mi Amor.

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Disc 1
  1. Le Bruit Des Anges
  2. Encore Un Soir
  3. Le Fossoyeur
  4. Hasta Luego Mi Amor
  5. Prends Le Comme Ca Vient
  6. Sarabande
  7. Ton Ame En Peine
  8. A 4 Dans La BM
  9. Tes Magies
  10. Petit Chaperon Rouge