Drums Are My Beat 1962 2CD

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Sandy Nelson
Drums Are My Beat 1962 2CD

Sandy Nelson was not merely the biggest, but just about the only major drum star of the Golden Era of Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals.
This 58 track double-disc set, which anthologises his 1962 releases, is complementary to the previously collection Teen Beat 1959-61.
1962 was a watershed year in Sandy Nelson’s early career, in that he released an astonishing six LPs, four of which (Drums Are My Beat, Drummin’ Up A Storm, Golden Hits and Compelling Percussion) made the US album charts.
He also issued six singles that year, of which five (Drums Are My Beat, The Birth Of The Beat, Drummin’ Up A Storm, All Night Long and And Then There Were Drums) made the US singles chart.
This is as comprehensive a collection of his 1962 recordings as is physically possible to present on a 2-CD set.

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Disc 1
  1. Drums Are My Beat
  2. Birth of the Beat
  3. Drum Roll
  4. Hawaiian War Chant
  5. Twisted
  6. Caravan
  7. Day Drumming
  8. Drum Stomp
  9. Hum Drum
  10. Topsy
  11. The City
  12. Drummin' Up a Storm
  13. All Night Long
  14. Rompin' and Stompin'
  15. Castle Rock
  16. Sandy
  17. I'm In Love Again
  18. C-Jam Blues
  19. Here We Go Again
  20. Tub Thumpin'
  21. And Then There Were Drums
  22. Live It Up
  23. Splish Splash
  24. Kansas City
  25. Early In the Morning
  26. Rock House
  27. Walking To New Orleans
  28. What'd I Say
  29. Honky Tonk
  30. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
  31. I Want To Walk You Home
  32. Be Bop Baby
Disc 2
  1. North Wind
  2. Wolverton Mountain
  3. The Battle of New Orleans
  4. Geisha Girl
  5. On a Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
  6. Waterloo
  7. The Wild Side of Life
  8. The Tijuana Jail
  9. Fraulein
  10. Four Walls
  11. Chew Tobacco Rag
  12. Civilization
  13. Jump Time
  14. Drums - For Drummers Only
  15. Drums - For Strippers Only
  16. Day Train
  17. Teenage House Party
  18. House Party Rock
  19. Hearts of Stone
  20. Let the Four Winds Blow
  21. Tweedle Dee
  22. Let the Good Times Roll
  23. Feel So Good
  24. Night Train
  25. Limbo Rock
  26. Junior Jive