Originals LP (vinyl)

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Originals LP (vinyl)

Originals is the brand new album from the original line-up of Restless!
Neo-rockabilly band Restless have been on the scene for more than thirty years and with the passing of time have become a band with cult status.
They formed in Ipswich in the late 1970s when Mark Harman and his brother Paul were joined by drummer Ben Cooper.
From the very beginning Mark Harman wrote strong new original numbers and among these are some of the greatest original rockabilly songs of the last thirty years.
Fast forward thousands of gigs, several albums and many line-up changes and the original trio of Mark Harman, Paul Harman and Ben Cooper found themselves together again in June 2015 recording this new album.
As the title of the album suggests, it is the original line up of the band, but it is also entirely new original songs written by Mark Harman and Ben Cooper.
Over the years Restless have managed to create a sound that is at once identifiable.
Their onstage energy appeals year after year to the thriving neo-rockabilly scene and they have become regular house-packers wherever they tour and their appearance is always a guaranteed showstopper.

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Disc 1
  1. Don't Say It Unless You Will
  2. Get Away
  3. I Wanna Get With You
  4. The Fool
  5. Maraca Man
  6. Rat-A-Tat-Tat
  7. Runaway Train
  8. I Want It All
  9. Travellin' Man
  10. I've Got To Pay The Man
  11. Gonna Have Some Fun
  12. Some Folk