Down In The Alley 2CD

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Nappy Brown
Down In The Alley 2CD

54 track double-disc collection of Nappy Brown's complete Savoy Records singles released between 1954 and 1962
Hear Brown's voice bellow and roar across hits like Don't Be Angry, Pitter Patter and It Don't Hurt No More.
The delivery and arrangement of The Right Time caught the attention of a young Ray Charles who was currently hitting the big time with outrageous blues versions of gospel songs
He covered it and retitled it Night Time Is The Right Time, securing a hit that eventually went on to become a standard.

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Disc 1
  1. I Wonder What's Wrong With Me
  2. That Man
  3. Two Faced Woman and A Lying Man
  4. Is It True Is It True
  5. Don't Be Angry
  6. Is It Really You?
  7. Pitter Patter
  8. There'll Come A Day
  9. Just A Little Love
  10. Well Well Well Baby-La
  11. Dood'll I Love You
  12. Sittin' In The Dark
  13. Open Up That Door
  14. Pleasin' You
  15. Am I
  16. Love Baby
  17. I'm Getting Lonesome
  18. Little By Little
  19. Pretty Girl
  20. I'm Gonna Get You
  21. Goody-Goody-Gum Drop
  22. Bye Bye Baby
  23. The Right Time
  24. Oh You Don't Know
  25. I'm In The Mood
  26. If You Need Some Lovin'
  27. Skidy Woe
Disc 2
  1. It Don't Hurt No More
  2. My Baby
  3. You're Going To Need Someone
  4. A Long Time
  5. Allright Now
  6. This Is My Confession
  7. For Those Who Love
  8. I Cried Like A Baby
  9. So Deep
  10. Give Me Your Love
  11. Too Shy
  12. Down In The Alley
  13. My Baby Knows
  14. Baby-Cry-Cry-Cry-Baby
  15. What's Come Over You Baby
  16. Baby I Got News For You
  17. Apple Of My Eye
  18. The Hole I'm In
  19. Nobody Can Say
  20. Coal Miner
  21. Hoonie-Boonie
  22. Any Time Is The Right Time
  23. Don't Be Angry
  24. I've Had My Fun
  25. Didn't You Know
  26. The Lock On The Door
  27. So Glad I Don't Have To Cry No More