Little By Little CD

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Nappy Brown
Little By Little CD

31 tracks of Rockin' Rhythm & Blues from the legendary Nappy Brown.
Classics like Little By Little and Don't Be Angry are sure-fire dancefloor fillers on the 1950s Rock 'n' Roll scene.
These and many more great original recordings are included on this fabulous collection.

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Disc 1
  1. I'm Gonna Get You
  2. Pretty Girl
  3. Oh Don't You Know
  4. Don't Be Angry
  5. Two Faced Woman
  6. That Man
  7. Just A Little Love
  8. Is It Really You
  9. Piddley Patter Patter
  10. Well Well Baby
  11. Open Up That Door
  12. I'm Getting Lonesome
  13. My Baby
  14. Goody Goody Gum Drop
  15. A Long Time
  16. Bye Bye Baby
  17. Am I
  18. Love Baby
  19. Pleasin' You
  20. There'll Come A Day
  21. Baby Cry Cry Baby
  22. Love Locks
  23. Little By Little
  24. Coal Miner
  25. Skiddy Woe
  26. Deedle I Love You
  27. Sitting In The Dark
  28. The Right Time
  29. Apple Of My Eye
  30. Rocket 88
  31. Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee