Come On! CD

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Million Dollar Tones
Come On! CD

Million Dollar Tones is an eight piece group, driven by a super hammer-like drum beat, producing authentic recreations of rockin' Rhythm & Blues and well-writen originals in a genuine Southern, black Rock 'n' Roll style.
The singer, Antti Pajula, is a revelation.
He doesn't try to upstage Little Richard, but he uses his own voice to superb effect remodelling the music that was wonderful then, and is wonderful now.
The listener is immediately won over by hot guitar licks followed by meaty baritone and tenor sax Rock ‘n’ Roll interposed in the genuine rockin' piano.
Million Dollar Tones are not trying to be a copy, they are making fabulous rockin' music and they are having a wonderful time doing it.

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Disc 1
  1. Teen-Age Love
  2. Someday Somewhere
  3. What About Me
  4. A Lover's Prayer
  5. Send Me Some Lovin'
  6. Loud Mouth Suzy
  7. Howlin' the Moon
  8. My Gal from Lafayette
  9. Million Dollar Baby
  10. Like a Diamond
  11. Sittin' on the Boat Dock
  12. We're Gonna Raise Some Sand