Rock With A Sock CD

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Mickey Baker
Rock With A Sock CD

One of the greatest Rock 'n' Roll and Rhythm & Blues guitarists - Mickey Baker played on countless 1950s classics, and also make a number of great solo recordings.
This 28 track selection presents his recordings for Savoy Records (1952), Groove (1954), Rainbow (1955), MGM (1956) and Vik (1957) featuring titles such as Guitar Mambo, Stranger Blues, Down To The Bottom, Shake Walkin', Greasy Spoon and the Rock 'n' Roll guitar classic Spinnin' Rock Boogie.

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Disc 1
  1. Guitar Mambo
  2. Riverboat
  3. Love Me Baby
  4. Oh Happy Day
  5. Where Is My Honey?
  6. I'm Tired
  7. Stranger Blues
  8. I Wish I Knew
  9. Down To The Bottom
  10. You Better Heed My Warning
  11. Midnight Hours
  12. Please Tell Me
  13. Shake Walkin'
  14. Greasy Spoon
  15. Bandstand Stomp
  16. Rock With A Sock
  17. Old Devil Moon
  18. Spinnin' Rock Boogie
  19. Chloe
  20. Ghost Of A Chance
  21. The Man I Love
  22. Bobi
  23. Hello Stranger
  24. My Love
  25. Woe Woe Is Me
  26. Can't Get You On The Phone
  27. I'll Always Want You Near