Five Beans In The Wheel 2LP (red vinyl)

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Long Tall Texans
Five Beans In The Wheel 2LP (red vinyl)

One of the Psychobilly scene's most popular bands, ever since they climbed to headlining status at the legendary Klub Foot in the mid-'80s.
The Long Tall Texans' originality and energy has maintained their bill-topping status to the present day.
Over the years they have issued a string of top-notch album releases, and the excellent Five Beans In The Wheel was originally released in 1989.
Limited Edition Double LP pressed in Red Vinyl.

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Disc 1
  1. Saints and Sinners
  2. Don't I Know It
  3. You Gotta Lose
  4. I Get So Excited
  5. Bloody
  6. Off My Mind
  7. Breakaway
  8. Low Down Mean Old Son Of A Gun
  9. Get Back Wetback
  10. Heatwave
Disc 2
  1. Indians
  2. Rock 'n' Roll part 2
  3. Your Own Way
  4. Right First Time
  5. Long Tall Texan
  6. Everybody's Rockin'
  7. We Say Yeah!
  8. Ballroom Blitz
  9. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?