Godforsaken Land CD

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Johnny Loda Trio
Godforsaken Land CD

A longstanding fixture on the European Rockabilly scene, Johnny Loda presents his red hot new release Godforsaken Land, following on from 2008's Cool Tall Girl.
Here are 15 lively rockabilly tracks - 10 of them are original compositions.
Songs such as Fish Outta Water and The Rockin' Gipsy are surefire scene hits, showing that the Johnny Loda Trio are in peak form with this release.
As well as some great rockin' music, the CD is smartly presented with fabulous artwork in the accompanying 12-page booklet.

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Disc 1
  1. Fish Outta Water
  2. Holiday
  3. Hotrod Cafe
  4. The Rockin' Gipsy
  5. It's Always A Sunny Day
  6. Her Love Rubbed Off
  7. Godforsaken Land
  8. Johnny's FXR
  9. There Was A Time
  10. BBQ Ribs Party
  11. Summertime Blues
  12. Tribute Bands
  13. Surfin' Cowboys
  14. Marina
  15. Funnel Of Love