In Mild Peril 10" LP (coloured vinyl)

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The Bad Detectives
The Bad Detectives Are In Mild Peril 10" LP (coloured vinyl)

Review from Slap That Bass:
Played this Mini album a few times and for me this is the Bad Detectives' best work to date.
The album has a modern rockabilly feel to it, however the Bad Detectives have a very distinct sound.
The album itself comes in red Vinyl and as a mini album which has 8 tracks on it.
This album will appeal to not only fans of the Bad Detectives, but anyone who likes the a modern rockabilly sound with shades of old school psychobilly.

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Disc 1
  1. I Saw A Dilton Martian
  2. What Happened To Buster Crabb?
  3. Pepper Put The Cuffs On Me
  4. Hypnotist Twist
  5. Orson's Comet
  6. Petrol and Beer
  7. Straitjacket Stroll
  8. Looks Like I Gotta Split Town