In Mild Peril CD

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The Bad Detectives
The Bad Detectives Are In Mild Peril (Directors' Cut) CD

The Bad Detectives are back - telling their strange tales which can range from tongue in cheek humour to poignant and thought provoking.
This band's music crops up on TV shows regularly -perhaps they have fans in high places?

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Disc 1

1. I Saw A Dilton Martian
2. What Happened To Buster Crabb
3. Vambo Man
4. Pepper Put The Cuffs On Me
5. Drinking In The Whammy Bar
6. The Hypnotist Twist
7. There's A Love Guru In The Village Barn
8. I Had The Strangest Dream
9. Orson's Comet
19. Junkshop Guitar
11. Petrol & Beer
12. Straitjacket Stroll
13. Looks Like I Gotta Split Town
14. Shepton Prison Blues