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Eddie Cochran
In Session CD

The tragic loss of Eddie Cochran in April 1960, at the age of only twenty-one (even younger than Buddy Holly), robbed Rock 'n' Roll of one of its most precocious talents.
Despite his youth he had already cut a couple of Rock 'n' Roll’s iconic, touchstone records, was the first Rock 'n' Roller to experiment extensively with overdubbing and other studio techniques, and had already played on countless sessions for other artists.
This unique compilation presents three dozen examples of Eddie’s extra-curricular activities, with artists like Gene Vincent, Mamie Van Doren, Baker Knight, Johnny Burnette, Wynn Stewart, Skeets McDonald, Al Casey, etc.
In most cases he plays guitar, although he also features as a vocalist and arranger.
Several of these sides are serious collectors’ items, known to Rock 'n' Roll aficionados and Cochran fans alike, whereas
others are way off the regular radar and fall squarely into “rare as unicorn manure” territory.

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Disc 1
  1. Jerry Capehart - Walkin' Stick Boogie
  2. Tom Forse - They Call You a Small Fry
  3. Eddie Miller - You Walked Away
  4. Wynn Stewart - Keeper of the Key
  5. Skeets McDonald - You Oughta See Grandma Rock
  6. Bo Davis - Let's Coast Awhile
  7. Jack Lewis - I.O.U.
  8. Lynn Marshall - Borrowed Love
  9. Ray Stanley - Love Charms
  10. The Holly Twins - I Want Elvis For Christmas
  11. Mamie Van Doren - Rollin' Stone
  12. Lee Denson - New Shoes
  13. Ronnie McBee - I'll Be Waiting For You
  14. The Georgettes - Love Like a Fool
  15. Al Casey - Willa Mae
  16. Gene Brown - Big Door
  17. Gene Vincent - Git It
  18. Margie Rayburn - Alright But It Won't Be Easy
  19. Glen Garrison & the Note Kings - You're My Darlin'
  20. Buddy Lowe - Ummm Kiss Me Goodnight
  21. Bob Denton - Thinking About You
  22. The Huskies - Go Out and Buy Yourself a Hat
  23. Troyce Key - Watch Your Mouth
  24. Loy Clingman - Show Down
  25. The Four Dots - Pleading For Your Love
  26. The Tigers - Jellybean
  27. Sherman Scott - How'dja Do
  28. Johnny Burnette - Me and the Bear
  29. Tommy Law - Cool Juice
  30. Elroy Peace & the Bow Ribbons - Quick Like
  31. Wayne Walker - You've Got Me Where I Wanna Be
  32. Baker Knight - Just Relax
  33. Jay Johnston - Walk a Dog
  34. Barry Martin - Minnie the Moocher
  35. Mike Clifford - Should I
  36. Bob Orrison - Sarah Lee