Rock 'n' Roll Legend CD

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Eddie Cochran
Rock 'n' Roll Legend CD

This collection focuses on the earlier recordings which Eddie Cochran made before he went on to become an international star.
Many of the songs, despite not being released during Eddie's lifetime, have gone on to become Rockabilly classics.

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Disc 1
  1. Pink Peg Slacks
  2. Latch On
  3. My Love To Remember
  4. Heart Of A Fool
  5. Yesterday's Heartbreak
  6. Latch On
  7. Tired and Sleepy
  8. Fool's Paradise
  9. Slow Down
  10. Open The Door
  11. Skinny Jim
  12. Half Loved
  13. Drowning All My Sorrows
  14. Let's Coast A While
  15. Dark Lonely Street
  16. Guybo
  17. Take My Hand
  18. Jelly Bean
  19. Don't Bye Bye Baby Me
  20. Chicken Shot Blues