Hoy Hoy CD

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The Collins Kids
Hoy Hoy CD

21 original tracks from legendary brother-and-sister Rockabilly duo The Collins Kids including their genre classics Hoy Hoy, Whistle Bait, Mercy and many others.
Larry and Lorrie Collins weren't even into their teens when they began performing.
In 1954 they secured a long-running residency on the L.A. based Town Hall Party TV show where Larry quickly fell under the master tutelage of legendary guitarist Joe Maphis.
A recording deal with Columbia Records soon followed.
This collection includes all the singles (A & B sides) from the period 1955 to 1958.

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Disc 1
  1. Hush Money
  2. Beetle Bug Bop
  3. Rockaway Rock
  4. Make Him Behave
  5. I'm In My Teens
  6. They're Still In Love
  7. Rock and Roll Polka
  8. My First Love
  9. Go Away Don't Bother Me
  10. Move A Little Closer
  11. Young Heart
  12. Hop Skip and Jump
  13. Just Because
  14. Heartbeat
  15. Party
  16. Hoy Hoy
  17. Mama Worries
  18. Mercy
  19. Sweet Talk
  20. Rock Boppin' Baby
  21. Whistle Bait