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The Champs
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The Champs were a driving rhythmic six-man unit voted the most promising instrumental group of the year in the 1958 Cash Box magazine poll.
Best known for their classic 1958 Rock 'n' roll instrumental Tequila which was a US #1, and reached #5 in the UK.
It all started in December 1957 at the Hollywood studios of Challenge Records.
Six musicians, who had just completed the backing for a vocalist, were hanging around for a jam session.
An interested observer was the label’s director of A&R, Joe Johnson.
Johnson liked what he heard and his reaction to the boys was “you sure have something different and very commercial, you’re champs in my book”.
He ordered a recording session three days later - and so The Champs were created.

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Disc 1
  1. Tequila
  2. Train To Nowhere
  3. El Rancho Rock
  4. Midnighter
  5. Chariot Rock
  6. What’s Up Buttercup
  7. Go Champs Go
  8. Night Beat
  9. Lollipop
  10. Just Walking In The Rain
  11. I’ll Be There
  12. Beatnik
  13. Gone Train
  14. Caramba
  15. Moonlight Bay
  16. Rockin’ Mary
  17. Turnpike
  18. Sky High
  19. Robot Walk
  20. Too Much Tequila
  21. Twenty Thousand Leagues
  22. The Little Matador
  23. Alley Cat
  24. Double Eagle Rock
  25. Night Train
  26. The Rattler
  27. Tequila Twist
  28. Limbo Rock
  29. La Cucaracha
  30. Experiment In Terror