Tequila 2CD

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The Champs
Tequila! 2CD

The Champs were propelled to stardom when they topped the US Pop, R&B and UK charts in the summer of 1958 with their debut single instrumental Tequila.
Spawning a plethora of covers, the song earned a Grammy Award in 1959 while the band - whose varying line-up reads like a who's who of early Californian rock music - went on to enjoy further hits into the early 1960s.
This 2CD set comprises their first studio albums along with hard-to-find 45rpm A and B-sides including Everybody's Rockin' which is presented in a rare stereo format.
Double disc collection includeing the hits Tequila, El Rancho Rock, Chariot Rock, Midnighter, Too Much Tequila, Limbo Rock, Tequila Twist and many others.

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Disc 1
  1. Go Champs Go
  2. El Rancho Rock
  3. I'll Be There
  4. Sky High
  5. What's Up Buttercup
  6. Lollipop
  7. Tequila
  8. Train to Nowhere
  9. Midnighter
  10. Robot Walk
  11. Just Walkin' in the Rain
  12. Night Beat
  13. Everybody's Rockin'
  14. Chariot Rock
  15. The Caterpillar
  16. Turnpike
  17. Lavenia
  18. Mau Mau Stomp
  19. Rockin' Mary
  20. Subway
  21. The Toast
  22. Bandido
  23. Ali Baba
  24. Foggy River
Disc 2
  1. Gone Train
  2. Beatnik
  3. Moonlight Bay
  4. Caramba
  5. Night Train
  6. The Rattler
  7. Double Eagle Rock
  8. Too Much Tequila
  9. Twenty Thousand Leagues
  10. Red Eye
  11. The Little Matador
  12. Cocoanut Grove
  13. Alley Cat
  14. The Face
  15. Tough Train
  16. Hokey Pokey
  17. Jumping Bean
  18. The Shoddy Shoddy
  19. Sombrero
  20. Cantina
  21. Panic Button
  22. Limbo Rock
  23. Tequila Twist