My Gal's A Jockey CD

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Big Joe Turner
My Gal's A Jockey 1946-1950 CD

Big Joe Turner was a force of nature, the greatest, most original and influential of all the Blues shouters.
He and pianist Pete Johnson had famously pioneered Jump-Blues after teaming up in the mid-1930s.
And for more than five decades, from Kansas City bars to the Carnegie Hall, taking in Swing, Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, Big Joe Turner hollered and roared.
This 29 track collections picks Big Joe's recording career up in January 1946 and takes it to the Spring of 1950.
It features essential recordings such as My Gal's A Jockey, Battle Of The Blues, Fuzzy Wuzzy Honey and Still In The Dark.

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Disc 1
  1. My Gal's A Jockey
  2. It's A Low Down Dirty Shame
  3. Sally-Zu-Zass
  4. I'm In Sharp When I Hit The Coast
  5. That's When It Really Hurts
  6. Battle Of The Blues part 1
  7. Battle Of The Blues part 2
  8. Around The Clock
  9. I Don't Dig It
  10. Oo-Ouch-Stop
  11. Trouble Blues
  12. Wine-o-Baby Boogie
  13. Messin' Around
  14. Mardi Gras Boogie
  15. Rainy Weather Blues
  16. Born To Gamble
  17. Married Woman Blues
  18. Fuzzy Wuzzy Honey
  19. Still In The Dark
  20. Adam Bit The Apple
  21. Life Is Just Like A Card Game
  22. Just A Travelin' Man
  23. I Want My Baby When The Rooster Crows
  24. Feelin' Happy
  25. Jumpin' At The Jubilee
  26. Story To Tell
  27. Jumpin' Tonight
  28. Lucille
  29. Love My Baby