Brand New Blisters CD

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Brand New Blisters CD

Batmobile are considered the seminal Dutch psychobilly band, and were the first non-UK band to perform at the influential Klub Foot.
Now after a hiatus of eight years, and still with the original line-up, they are back with a brand new album.
Founded in 1983, Batmobile played traditional rockabilly covers before starting to write their own material in a psychobilly style.
This led to the first international recognized Batmobile album followed by extensive tours of Europe and Asia.
A further eleven studio albums followed, plus their live album recorded at The Klub Foot, and a well-received split album with Peter Pan Speedrock.
In 2017 Batmobile is back with a stunning new studio album.

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Disc 1
  1. BatmoManiacs
  2. Rock & Roll and Alcohol
  3. Save My Soul
  4. Demolition
  5. Never Gonna Stop
  6. Motherfuckin' Hippie
  7. Spider Sylvia
  8. Killmachine
  9. Apeface
  10. From the Get Go
  11. Wild Wild Man
  12. Fucked Up
  13. It's Rock & Roll
  14. Rest In Peace
  15. Big Bob