Ain't Broke Ain't Hungry - Bluesin’ By The Bayou CD

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Ain’t Broke Ain’t Hungry - Bluesin’ By The Bayou CD

Ain’t Broke Ain’t Hungry is the 18th release in the incredible By The Bayou series - and the fourth volume of the Bluesin’ set.
Returning to South Louisiana for another helping of the blues, this 28-tracker includes rare and previously unissued tracks from stars of the genre such as Lightnin’ Slim, Lazy Lester and Slim Harpo, plus a host of lesser-known or completely unknown performers.
The set also features two surprises; artists who you would never think performed in the down-home style: Barbara Lynn and Cookie (aka Huey Thierry, of Cupcakes fame), but they sound right at home, with the unknown harmonica player setting the tone on Barbara Lynn’s track and Cupcakes’ guitarist Marshall Leday supporting his frontman with some mean blues pickin’.
As always there are a handful of mystery singers – was there really a “Ramblin’ Hi Harris” or, as with Blues Boy Dorsey, was his name created later when JD Miller was uncertain as to the performer’s identity?
Eight of these 28 gems are previously unreleased.

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Disc 1
  1. PLEADIN’ - Mercy Baby
  2. I’VE BEEN IN THIS PRISON - Leroy Washington
  3. LITTLE GIRL BLUES - Lightnin’ Slim
  4. I HAVEN’T GOT A HOME - Ramblin’ Hi Harris
  5. BETTER START DOIN’ IT - Honey Boy Allen Pierre
  6. CIGARETTES - Slim Harpo
  7. HOODOO MAN - Lightnin’ Slim
  8. AIN’T BROKE AIN’T HUNGRY - Polka Dot Slim
  9. I’M A LOVER NOT A FIGHTER - Lazy Lester
  10. DREAMING DREAMING - Joe Richards
  12. IN THE EVENING - Cookie & The Cupcakes
  13. A THING YOU GOTTA FACE - Polka Dot Slim
  14. LIFE GETS HARD - Jake Jackson
  15. SUGAR COATED LOVE - Barbara Lynn
  16. TEE BLACK - Boozoo Chavis
  17. ANGEL PLEASE - Jimmy Anderson & The Joy Jumpers
  18. MAKE ME CRY - Clarence Garlow
  19. HAMBURGERS & POPCORN - Boozoo Chavis
  20. I HATE TO LEAVE YOU BABY - Lightnin’ Slim
  21. IF I DON’T SEE YOU - Al Smith
  22. BABY BABY BABY - Ramblin’ Hi Harris
  23. I DON’T KNOW - Lightnin’ Slim
  24. IF THE BLUES WAS MONEY - Big Walter
  25. SOMEBODY TELL ME - Jake Jackson
  26. I LOVE HER SO - Al Smith
  28. I'M GONNA FIND MY BABY - Unknown Artist.