North Coast Killers LP (vinyl)

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North Coast Killers LP (vinyl)

Wolfoni is a rockin' trio mixing straight-ahead rockabilly with subtle influences from other genres, and just a hint of psychobilly darkness.
North Coast Killers includes covers from 1950s artists Charlie Rich and The Jiants to the more recent songs of The Ramones, Restless and Mike Ness.

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Disc 1
  1. I Wont Cry Over It
  2. Ice Cold
  3. Primitive
  4. Lonely Weekends
  5. Blues Stay Away From Me
  6. Tornado
  7. Riot In The Cell Block #9
  8. The Devil and Miss Jones
  9. My Shoes and Me
  10. Mandrake
  11. Makin' Monsters For My Friends