We Are Rockers: Godless Wicked Creeps Tribute Album CD

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We Are Rockers - Godless Wicked Creeps Tribute Album CD

A tribute to the Godless Wicked Creeps, with GWC tracks performed by some of the leading bands of the international psychobilly scene.
Featuring Dice For Lights, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Hopeless Chicken Freaks, The Grims, Koffin Kats, Astro Zombies, The Basementones, Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers, The Hellfreaks, Acting Apes, Rocker Arms, Thee Flanders, Joel Kaiser and The Godless Wicked Creeps themselves.

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Disc 1
  1. Godless Wicked Creeps - Wank 'n' Roll
  2. Dice For Lights - China Chick
  3. Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Graveyard Blues
  4. Hopeless Chicken Freaks - The Abyss
  5. The Grims - Vamps
  6. Koffin Kats - We Are Rockers
  7. Astro Zombies - You Better Run
  8. The Basementones - Masturbation
  9. Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers - Boy Scout
  10. The Hellfreaks - Spladderbar M'Sin
  11. Acting Apes - Funky Bastard
  12. Rocker Arms - The Other Side
  13. Thee Flanders - Little Green Man
  14. Joel Kaiser - Grand Canyon Outlaw.
  15. Godless Wicked Creeps - Agregata
  16. Godless Wicked Creeps - Funky Bastard
  17. Godless Wicked Creeps - Pissed Again