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    Bill Haley's complete Warner Brothers recordings and more, stylishly packed in an LP sized box, complete with an informative 40 page booklet.  
    The Bill Haley story didn't end with Rock Around The Clock, or even when he left Decca Records in 1959.  This 6-CD collection includes all of Haley's post-Decca recordings right up until the end of the 1960s - from his stint with Warner Brothers right up until his re-emergence as a star of the Rock 'n' Roll revival when he recorded for the Buddah label.   The complete recordings are here, including 30 tracks which have never previously been released,


    • 1Happy Homer
    • 2Candy Kisses
    • 3Tamiami
    • 4I Almost Lost My Mind
    • 5Love Letters In The Sand
    • 6Blueberry Hill
    • 7Kansas City
    • 8Whole Lotta Shakin? Goin? On
    • 9Rock Around The Clock
    • 10Stagger Lee
    • 11Blue Suede Shoes
    • 12Hot To Trot
    • 13I?m In Love Again
    • 14My Special Angel
    • 15Crazy Man Crazy
    • 16Shake, Rattle And Roll
    • 17Bouquet Of Roses
    • 18This Is The Thanks I Get
    • 19I Don't Hurt Anymore
    • 20Anytime
    • 21Singing The Blues
    • 22Cold, Cold Heart
    • 23Detour
    • 24Afraid
    • 25One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart
    • 26No Letter Today
    • 27The Wild Side Of Life
    • 28There?s A New Moon Over My Shoulder
    • 29Hawk
    • 30Chick Safari
    • 31So Right Tonight
    • 32Let The Good Times Roll, Creole
    • 33Jack In The Box
    • 34Pistol Packin? Mama
    • 35Honky Tonk
    • 36Flip, Flop And Fly
    • 37Spanish Twist
    • 38My Kind Of Woman
    • 39Riviera
    • 40War Paint
    • 41See You Later Alligator
    • 42A.B.C. Boogie
    • 43Panic
    • 44I?ve Got News For Hugh
    • 45Don?t Mess Around
    • 46The Wobble
    • 47This Is Goodbye, Goodbye
    • 48Train Of Sin
    • 49Altar Of Love
    • 50Helena
    • 51Yakety Sax
    • 52Mish-Mash
    • 53Let The Girls Sing
    • 54Stop Look And Listen
    • 55Burn That Candle
    • 56Dim Dim The Lights
    • 57There?s A New Moon Over My Shoulder
    • 58Pepito
    • 59Haley A Go Go
    • 60Tongue-Tied Tony
    • 61Jealous Heart
    • 62Rock On Baby
    • 63That?s How I Got To Memphis
    • 64Ain?t Love Funny...Ha, Ha, Ha
    • 65Jingle Bell Rock
    • 66Rockin? Around The Christmas Tree
    • 67Flip, Flop And Fly
    • 68What Can I Say After I Say I?m Sorry
    • 69Tenor Man
    • 70Tandy
    • 71Caroline?s Pony
    • 72Dance Around The Clock
    • 73Up Goes My Love
    • 74White Parakeet
    • 75Travelin? West
    • 76Midnight In Washington
    • 77You Call Everybody Darling
    • 78One Phone Call
    • 79You?re Too Much
    • 80Little Meanie Jeannie
    • 81Cottonfields
    • 82Tally Ho Rock
    • 83Double Mint Rock And Twist
    • 84Shake, Rattle And Roll
    • 85Dance Around The Clock
    • 86Rip It Up
    • 87Night Train
    • 88Guitar Boogie
    • 89Razzle Dazzle
    • 90You Are My Sunshine
    • 91Rock A Beatin? Boogie
    • 92Skinny Minnie
    • 93Johnny B. Goode
    • 94Kansas City
    • 95Rock Around The Clock
    • 96When The Saints Go Marching In
    • 97Rudy?s Rock
    • 98Rock The Joint
    • 99Fingers On Fire
    • 100See You Later Alligator
    • 101Wipe Out
    • 102There Goes My Everything
    • 103Alabama Bound
    • 104Whole Lotta Shakin? Goin? On
    • 105Rock Around The Clock
    • 106Shake Rattle And Roll
    • 107Honky Tonk
    • 108Dance Around The Clock
    • 109Hey Momma
    • 110Almost Persuaded
    • 111Yakety Sax
    • 112Framed
    • 113Next Time
    • 114Crazy Man Crazy
    • 115See You Later Alligator
    • 116Lullaby Of Birdland
    • 117Twist Marie
    • 118One-Two-Three Twist
    • 119Down By The Riverside Twist
    • 120Queen Of The Twisters
    • 121Caravan Twist
    • 122I Want A Little Girl
    • 123Whistlin? And Walkin? Twist
    • 124Florida Twist
    • 125Eight More Miles To Louisville
    • 126Rip It Up
    • 127Happy Homer
    • 128Love Letters In The Sand
    • 129Hot To Trot
    • 130Hot To Trot
    • 131Hot To Trot
    • 132Anytime
    • 133Singing The Blues
    • 134Detour
    • 135One Has My Name
    • 136No Letter Today
    • 137Hawk
    • 138Chick Safari
    • 139Chick Safari
    • 140Chick Safari
    • 141Chick Safari
    • 142Chick Safari
    • 143So Right Tonight
    • 144So Right Tonight
    • 145Let The Good Times Roll Creole
    • 146Tenor Man
    • 147Tenor Man
    • 148Tenor Man
    • 149Tenor Man
    • 150Dance Around The Clock
    • 151Midnight In Washington
    • 152Midnight In Washington
    • 153Tandy
    • 154You?re Too Much
    • 155One Phone Call
    • 156Way Down In The Bottom Of My Heart
    • 157Trouble In Mind
    • 158Caldonia
    • 159Caldonia.

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