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Voodoo Devils
More! CD

The Voodoo Devils spew forth their brand new album of deadly, disease-ridden Psychobilly Stomp.
The pounding voodoo Drums, thumpin' slap bass and psychotic guitar licks kick in from the opening seconds of Voodoo Dust and don't let up through this hard-rockin' Hellbilly Riot that'll leave you exhausted and begging for more.
More is packed full of Voodoo Devils originals, with covers of The Clash's Guns Of Brixton and The Tranquillizers' Paranoia.

Review by Stu Gibson (Sleazegrinder)
By its very nature as a mutation of Rockabilly, punk and beer-ligerent Ted mentality Psychobilly can seem caged in a corner it created, forever content to charge about its bricked-up b-movie basement, churned out like Hammer or Roger Corman films. However, it does remain largely ageless, perhaps due to its cannibalistic bent, and when it be as good as these French fear-farmers get several times on debut More! then its eternal vitality when performed with such indecent correctness shows why it's growing ever stronger since its immediate post-punk genesis. Although The Meteors DNA is evident like Fenech's best the 'Devils hammer nails into the wrists of some wanton wrongdoings. Frazzled speed-surfing guitars strafe clutch-cranking Link Wray / Johnny Thunders garage savagery on Paranoia, spooky organ-grinding jig of Monster, bestialize the Batman theme tune on Voodoo Dust and wrestle with the devil for control of the wheel on Them's Baby Please Don't Go. Tastiest throats go to the fog-rolling dance-floor thrash of Hellbop that stakes the Sun Sound to the darkest pits around, as the slide and harmonica-led Outlaw Man has you noose-bound in no time. While bats are indeed released and ghost trains ride again unabated these guys are digging with bare hands back to braying R'n'B and the cavernous energy of early Rock'n'Roll, not simply re-treading obvious psychobilly clichés. By burying the more cartoon, ghoulier-than-thou image, the appeal of these particular Devils may broaden further.

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Disc 1
  1. Voodoo Dust
  2. Like A Dream
  3. Hellbop
  4. Paranoia
  5. There Must Be A Way
  6. Monster
  7. Baby Please Don't Go
  8. More
  9. Outlaw Man
  10. Guns Of Brixton
  11. Take A Ride