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The Vibrations
Talkin' Trash - A Singles Collection As & Bs 1960-1962 CD

25 original recordings from R&B vocal group The Vibrations collecting together the A and B side of all their 45s released between 1960 and 1962.
Eight of the featuring singles charted, including The Watusi and Peanut Butter which they recorded as The Marathons.
Booklet includes detailed liner notes.

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Disc 1
  1. So Blue
  2. Love Me Like You Should
  3. Feel So Bad
  4. Cave Man
  5. Doin' The Slop
  6. So Little Time
  7. The Watusi
  8. Wallflower
  9. Continental With Me Baby
  10. The Junkernoo
  11. Talkin' Trash (as The Marathons)
  12. Peanut Butter (as The Marathons)
  13. Down In New Orleans
  14. Don't Say Goodbye
  15. Stranded In The Jungle
  16. Stop Right Now
  17. All My Love Belongs To You
  18. What Made You Change Your Mind
  19. Let's Pony Again
  20. Oh Cindy
  21. Over The Rainbow
  22. The New Hully Gully
  23. Anytime
  24. Hamburger On A Bun
  25. If He Don't