Very Best Of The Polecats LP (coloured vinyl)

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The Polecats
Very Best Of The Polecats LP (coloured vinyl)

Limited edition pink vinyl album packed with favoutires from The Polecats including Make A Circuit With Me, Big Green Car, John I’m Only Dancing, Marie Celeste, Rockabilly Guy and many others.

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Disc 1
  1. Make A Circuit With Me
  2. Big Green Car
  3. Chicken Walk
  4. Cat O Nine Tails
  5. John, I’m Only Dancing
  6. Rockin’ Along
  7. Marie Celeste
  8. Get On The Right Track
  9. Boogie Man
  10. Rockabilly Guy
  11. Gravediggers Rock
  12. 99 Chicks
  13. Please Gimme Something
  14. Make A Circuit With Me (extended version)