Hey Little One CD

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Dorsey Burnette
Hey Little One 1956-1962 CD

34 original recordings presenting the very best of Dorsey Burnette!
A founder-member of the legendary Johnny Burnette Trio, and older brother of Johnny, Dorsey Burnette pursued a successful solo career after quitting the Trio in 1956.
Between 1958 and 1962 he recorded prolifically for at least eight different record companies, cutting a fine body of work which includes a number of highly prized Rockabilly collectables.
He enjoyed sporadic commercial success, notably with Tall Oak Tree, Hey Little One, Big Rock Candy Mountain, The Ghost Of Billy Malloo and Feminine Touch, all of which are included here.
This 34-track set is a comprehensive overlook of his early career, across the many and various labels he recorded for during this period, kicking off with the Johnny Burnette Trio’s Midnight Train on which Dorsey took lead vocals.
Half a dozen of these sides have never previously appeared on CD, making this a must-have for Burnette fans.

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Disc 1
  1. Midnight Train
  2. Let’s Fall In Love
  3. The Devil’s Queen
  4. At A Distance
  5. Jungle Magic
  6. Bertha Lou
  7. Til The Law Says Stop
  8. Try
  9. Misery
  10. Lonely Train
  11. Tall Oak Tree
  12. Juarez Town
  13. Hey Little One
  14. Big Rock Candy Mountain
  15. Your Love
  16. Way In The Middle Of The Night
  17. The Ghost Of Billy Malloo
  18. Lucy Darlin’
  19. Black Roses
  20. The River And The Mountain
  21. This Hotel
  22. Hard Rock Mine
  23. Great Shakin’ Fever
  24. That’s Me Without You
  25. Rainin'
  26. A Full House
  27. Circle Rock
  28. House With A Tin Roof
  29. Feminine Touch
  30. Dying Ember
  31. Rolling Restless Stones
  32. Back To Nature
  33. The Boys Kept Hangin’ Around
  34. I'm A Waitin’ For Ya Baby