G.I. Bop CD

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Vernon and the GI's
G.I. Bop CD

Legendary Teddyboy band from the late 1970s Rock 'n' Roll revival.
This CD is a re-issue of Vernon and The GI's sought-after 1979 G.I. Bop album which was originally released as a vinyl LP on the Billy Goat Records label.

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Disc 1
  1. Ghost Train Boogie
  2. Rockabilly Twist
  3. I Can Count Three Stars
  4. Be Boppin' Baby
  5. Big Al
  6. Jim Dandy
  7. GI Bop
  8. I'm A Teddy Boy
  9. If You Want Me C'mon Over Here And Get Me
  10. Burn Out
  11. Just Us Two
  12. Ain't Got A Thing