Rockin' Possessed CD

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Turnpike Cruisers
Rockin' Possessed CD

In the mid-1980s The Turnpike Cruisers brought diversity into the Psychobilly scene with their bizarre ideas and a multitide of musical influences.
Prior to releasing their two LPs, there were three recording sessions which resulted in two 12" EPs, some compilation appearances, and a whole heap of recordings which remained unissued.
These three sessions are here, all tracks on CD for the first time, and many available for the first time ever in any format.

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Disc 1
  1. That Girl's Got Mine
  2. Rockin' Possessed
  3. Devil's Car
  4. Basalt Boogie
  5. Bill Haley
  6. Palookaville Express
  7. Extra Flesh
  8. The Girl Who Turned Into A Man
  9. KTV
  10. Weird And Lonely
  11. Cool Off
  12. Slow Death
  13. I Wanna Be Like You
  14. Love You For Lunch
  15. Roadtrip
  16. Sweet 'n' Nice
  17. The Ballad Of Murphy Frisk
  18. Soul Sister