Singles Archive 1955-1962 CD

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Turbans Singles Archive 1955-1962 CD

The Turbans
Singles Archive 1955-1962 CD

26 original recordings by Philadelphia doo-wop group The Turbans.
Despite their legendary status in America, The Turbans never had a single released in Britain - so this release gives buyers the chance to discover what they've been missing.
Both versions of their best known song When You Dance are included - the hit version from the Herald label from 1955 and the Parkway label re-recording from 1961 and their competing version of The Paradons' hit Diamonds And Pearls.
The package features all their releases from the Herald, Red Top, Roulette, Parkway and Imperial labels - their complete work from 1955 to 1962.
The accompanying booklet includes detailed notes tracing the group's career from formation to break-up.

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Disc 1

1. When You Dance
2. Let Me Show You Around My Heart
3. Sister Sookey
4. I'll Always Watch Over You
5. B-i-n-g-o
6. I'm Nobody's
7. It Was A Nite Like This
8. All Of My Love
9. Bye And Bye
10. Valley Of Love
11. Congratulations
12. The Waddo-do
13. I Promise You Love
14. Curfew Time
15. Diamonds and Pearls
16. Bad Man
17. Three Friends Two Lovers
18. I'm Not Your Fool Anymore
19. When You Dance
20. Golden Rings
21. Six Questions
22. The Lament Of Silver Gulch
23. This Is My Story
24. Clicky Clicky Clack
25. I Wonder
26. The Damage Is Done