Invasion Of The Saucermen CD

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The Tremors
Invasion Of The Saucermen CD

Many would call this Frantic Rockabilly, as it doesn't have the Punk influence usually associated with Psychobilly - but there is definitely something Psycho about The Tremors.
Influenced by the original Rockabilly cats such as Hasil Adkins, Charlie Feathers and Carl Perkins, the trio blast out their bop with furious abandon - just like in the earliest days of Psychobilly.
Most songs here are Tremors originals, however they do find time to pay homage to the 1950s greats with covers of Jack Earls, Kenny Parchman and Ronnie Dawson.
If you like '50s Rockabilly at it's craziest, slap-bass Neo-Rockabilly, and Psychobilly in it's earliest form, then check out this, and the other great releases from The Tremors.
Includes 3-D artwork and 3-D glasses.

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Disc 1
  1. WWIII Boogie
  2. Invasion Of The Saucermen
  3. Somatose
  4. Idle Hands
  5. Atomic Jesus
  6. Jungle Fever
  7. I Ain't No Two Timin' Man
  8. Devil's Eyes
  9. Workin' Overtime
  10. Treat Me Right
  11. The State Patrol
  12. Shakin' From Seizures
  13. Late Night Drive-In Monster Show
  14. The Crawdad Song