Demon Boogie Fever CD

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The Tremors
Demon Boogie Fever CD

Crazed frantic Rockabilly that bops it's way into early Psychobilly territories (the early stuff without the Punk inflences).
The Tremors sound like a mix of Charlie Feathers and Johnny Carroll, on full speed with a touch of early 80s slap-bass psychosis.
The result is brilliant - packed with energy - you could call it "authentic psychobilly".

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Disc 1
  1. Love Me
  2. Screamin' Mimi
  3. Big City
  4. Blue Moon Woman
  5. Rock Boppin' Baby
  6. Your Wicked Heart
  7. Hi-Fi Rock 'n' Roll
  8. Fuss and Fight
  9. Black Cat Blues
  10. Rockin' Bones
  11. Sweet Lovin' Man
  12. Demon Boogie Fever
  13. I Got It