Torturted Souls & Bombat Belus CD

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The Torturted Souls and Bombat Belus CD

Psychobilly double headed with two great bands.
Bombat Belus from Poland deliver nine solid tracks, and now they have added a double bass to their line-up.
Tortured Souls is led by Greg Lonesome of the Lonesome Kings, along with Andy of The Stockmen and Ben, Sean and Clayton of The Meathookers.
Their split includes the 'World of Pain' EP.
Bonus tracks come from King Sleaze & The Meathookers and Greg Lonesome & Werevilsdare.

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Disc 1
  1. Tortured Souls - World Of Pain
  2. Tortured Souls - Self-Destruction Blues
  3. Tortured Souls - Mind Eraser
  4. Tortured Souls - I Wish I'd Never Sold My Soul
  5. The Meathookers & King Sleaze - 2000 Volts
  6. Greg Lonesome & Werevilsdare - Wasted Life
  7. Greg Lonesome & Werevilsdare - Ain't Nothin' Left
  8. Bombat Belus - No Escape
  9. Bombat Belus - Taxi Driver
  10. Bombat Belus - Znowu Sysze
  11. Bombat Belus - Bastard Marv
  12. Bombat Belus - Moja Dziewczyna Znowu Jest Ze Mna
  13. Bombat Belus - Wilkolak
  14. Bombat Belus - Frederic Et Le Petit Monstre
  15. Bombat Belus - Szalony Czester
  16. Bombat Belus - Ludzkie Scierwo