Signature Voice of the Platters Volume 2 1961-1962 CD

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Tony Williams
Signature Voice of the Platters Volume 2 1961-1962 CD


The Platters were one of the world’s most successful vocal groups during the 1950s, with thirty-five hit records in The States alone, of which several were million sellers and four were #1 chart toppers.
The lead singer on all of these was the mercurial Tony Williams, a man with a perfect voice.
Williams also occasionally cut solo records during the 1950s and he eventually quit The Platters in 1961 to pursue a solo career, signing to the new Reprise Records label and moving to Philips Records the following year.
This is the second of two collections which anthologise Tony’s solo recordings between 1955-62, chronologically; Volume 1 deals with 1955 to '61, and Volume 2 covers 1961 to '62.
Volume 2 presents his Reprise and Philips recordings, which are almost otherwise impossible to find on CD.

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Disc 1
  1. My Prayer
  2. The Great Pretender
  3. Only You
  4. You'll Never Never Know
  5. The Magic Touch
  6. Sleepless Nights
  7. The Miracle
  8. Little Star
  9. On My Word of Honour
  10. For the First Time
  11. Mandolino-Mandolino
  12. Sing Lover Sing
  13. It's So Easy To Surrender
  14. That's More Like It
  15. Come Along Now
  16. Goodbye
  17. If
  18. When Day is Done
  19. For You
  20. It Isn't Fair
  21. Be My Love
  22. Too Young
  23. You Made Me Love You
  24. Over the Rainbow
  25. That's My Desire
  26. I'm Walking Behind You
  27. You'll Never Walk Alone
  28. Chloe
  29. Second Best