Sands Storm CD

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Tommy Sands
Sands Storm! CD

1950s rock 'n' roll teen idol Tommy Sands hasn't been well presented by CD reissues, which is surprising considering how many hits he had on both 45 and LP.
This is something that this great collection goes some way towards rectifying.
The CD kicks off with the whole of his 1959 LP Sands Storm!, followed by 16 singles including many of his hits recorded between 1957 and 1960.
28 tracks of pure Tommy Sands magic, making this the best Tommy Sands CD to date.
Sands Storm! has long been considered a classic rock 'n' roll album, comprising of Tommy's interpretations of well-known rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues hits of the 1950s.
Accompanying booklet Includes fully detailed liner notes.

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Disc 1
  1. Maybellene
  2. Hearts Of Stone
  3. Since I Met You Baby
  4. Oop Shoop
  5. Warm Your Heart
  6. Hey Miss Fannie
  7. Tweedle Dee
  8. Such A Night
  9. Honey Love
  10. Blue Velvet
  11. Little Mama
  12. Chicken and The Hawk
  13. Teen Age Crush
  14. Hep Dee Hootie
  15. Ring-A-Ding-A-Ding
  16. My Love Song
  17. Goin' Steady
  18. Ring My Phone
  19. Sing Boy Sing
  20. Crazy 'Cause I Love You
  21. Teen Age Doll
  22. Hawaiian Rock
  23. Blue Ribbon Baby
  24. I Love You Because
  25. The Worryin' Kind
  26. Bigger Than Texas
  27. I Ain't Gittin' Rid Of You
  28. The Old Oaken Bucket