Shelia Sheila - Early Years CD

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Tommy Roe
Shelia / Sheila - The Early Years CD

This collection comprises of Tommy Roe's complete recordings between 1960-62 and also includes his two earlier 45s recorded as a 17-year old.
One of which was his remarkably rare original recording of "Shelia" (miss-spelled on the record label) from 1960.
Some of these recordings are almost impossible to find elsewhere on CD, notably those two early singles, as well as a couple of his 1962 non-album 45s.
When Tommy Roe topped the US charts with "Sheila" in 1962 he stirred up controversy fuelled by accusations that he was copying the late Buddy Holly.
Nonetheless the disc was a multi-million-selling, worldwide, hit and Tommy went on to become a major star throughout the decade, notching up no less than 22 entries in the US singles chart.
The same year that Sheila topped the charts, he charted internationally with his debut LP (also titled Sheila) and scored and follow-up hits with "Susie Darlin'", "Piddle De Pat", "Town Crier" and "Gonna Take A Chance".

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Disc 1
  1. Caveman
  2. I Got A Girl
  3. Shelia
  4. Pretty Girl
  5. The Room
  6. Sheila
  7. Save Your Kisses
  8. Susie Darlin'
  9. Piddle De Pat
  10. Little Hollywood Girl
  11. Heartbeat
  12. There Will Be Better Years
  13. There's A Great Day A-Coming
  14. Think About The Good Things
  15. Look At Me
  16. I Found A Love
  17. Blue Ghost
  18. Maybelline
  19. Town Crier
  20. Rainbow
  21. Gonna Take A Chance
  22. Don't Cry Donna
  23. Katy Did
  24. Sensations
  25. Standing Watch
  26. You're My Happiness