Your Mouth Got A Hole In It CD

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Todd Rhodes
Your Mouth Got A Hole In It! 1947-1957 CD

Todd Rhodes led his popular band in the Detroit area throughout the late 1940s and early 1950s which included several musicians that would go on to appear on many classic records.
All four of the big hits of their heyday are included here: Blues For The Red Boy (#4 R&B chart in 1948) Pot Likker (#3 R&B chart in 1949) Page Boy Shuffle (#7 R&B chart in 1949) and Lovin' Machine (#5 on the R&B chart in 1952).
Largely an instrumental outfit of seasoned players, this collection has been compiled to spotlight the great singers who recorded with the band, from the well-known Lavern Baker, Wynonie Harris, Dave Bartholomew and Lonnie Johnson to the more obscure Louie Saunders, Pinocchio James, Emmitt Slay and Connie Allen; the latter infamous for the risqué Rocket 69, while Wynonie suggests Keep On Churnin' ('Til The Butter Comes) and his final hit, Lovin' Machine.
A handful of important instrumentals have been included including the opener Blues For The Red Boy which was retitled Blues For Moondog and used as an early theme to introduce the radio broadcasts of the legendary Alan Freed.
Also included to end the selection is the superb Page Boy Shuffle which was reissued in 1949 when acquired by King Records who mistakenly credited the track to Joe Thomas.
It hit the R&B chart that year with the wrong credit and continues to be misattributed.

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Disc 1
  1. Blues For The Red Boy
  2. Pot Likker
  3. Good Man - Kitty Stevenson
  4. Keep On Churnin' - Wynonie Harris
  5. Walkie Talkie - Louie Saunders
  6. Lost Child - Lavern Baker
  7. You Can't Buy Love - Lonnie Johnson
  8. In The Alley - Dave Bartholomew
  9. Rocket 69 - Connie Allen
  10. Beulah - Emmit Slay
  11. I Shouldn't Cry - Kitty Stevenson
  12. Pig Latin Blues - Lavern Baker
  13. Here Comes The Night - Wynonie Harris
  14. Your Mouth Got A Hole In It - Pinocchio James
  15. That's The Guy For Me - Kitty Stevenson
  16. Gin Gin Gin
  17. Lovin' Machine - Wynonie Harris
  18. I'm Guilty - Lonnie Johnson
  19. Your Daddy's Doggin' Around - Connie Allen
  20. Must I Cry Again - Lavern Baker
  21. Looky Ploot - Emmit Slay
  22. My Playful Baby's Gone - Wynonie Harris
  23. The Golden Rule - Dave Bartholomew
  24. It Ain't Right - Kitty Stevenson
  25. That Ain't Right - Louie Saunders
  26. Can't Sleep Anymore - Lonnie Johnson
  27. Let-down Blues - Sadie Madison
  28. You Are My Sunshine - Andre Williams
  29. Hog Maw and Cabbage Slaw
  30. Page Boy Shuffle