Unbreakable CD

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The Tin Cans
Unbreakable CD

Unbreakable is the new album by The Tin Cans - a Rockabilly band that has already proved, several times over, that they can write great songs and issue great albums.
The Tin Cans are an experienced, perfectly matched band and on this new studio-album they present 16 songs, embedded in their characteristic style, mixing '80s style Neo-Rockabilly, '50s Rock 'n' Roll and a little Country Twang.
The Tin Cans have never followed scene trends, but continuously did their own thing.
This is one reason that the guys are so variable and always capable of throwing in a surprise or two.
Unbreakable continues exactly where the previous album Still Rockin' left off.
The guys really know how to rock and they are truly Unbreakable!
The CD comes in a smart digipak case with cool artwork.

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Disc 1
  1. I Got The Rhythm
  2. From One To Four
  3. From The Bottom Of My Heart
  4. Turn That Music Down
  5. Once Again
  6. Searching For You
  7. Go Buddy Go
  8. I Wanna Know
  9. Crying Shame
  10. Please Come Back
  11. This Is It
  12. Letter Of Goodbye
  13. High On Rock 'n' Roll
  14. That Day Went To The Devil
  15. Lady Of Leisure
  16. Brave Rockin' Heart