Tighten Your Screws and Dance CD

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Rusty Robots
Tighten Your Screws and Dance CD

Old-school style psychobilly trio unleash their second album, packed with stompers and shakers that would sound at home on the early volumes of Psycho Attack Over Europe.
Includes hidden bonus track - a cover of The Tranquillizers Paranoia featuring the singer from As Diabatz.

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Disc 1
  1. Robots Are Go
  2. Go Psycho!
  3. Vampire For Your Love
  4. Robot In Love
  5. Wishing You'd Be Dead
  6. She's A Viper
  7. Crazy Spaceman
  8. The Lonesome Midnight Rider
  9. It's Summer
  10. Spiders In My Bed
  11. The Journey To The Center Of The Earth
  12. You Scream
  13. United Kids Are Strong
  14. Little Ghoul
  15. Paranoia